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Toplist of All Crypto Dice Game Sites

A list of all trusted dice sites for bitcoin and altcoins with faucets and bonuses

Toplist of all the best bitcoin dice game sites with faucets in 2020

Origin of dice games

Back in 2015 when Counter-Strike Global Offensive gambling got popular, the gambling site Primedice opened a dice only site as the very first one.
It got very popular amongst the skin gamblers at that time and thats when other sites decided to copy the game.
Today dice game sites for cryptos are all over the place, with new ones coming out every single day.
We at Bitz make sure that we list only the most trusted sites known to the crypto community.

Tournaments, races and jackpots

As dice is a very fast game to play, there are several extra giveaways to catch onto such as: Races, tournaments or jackpots. You'll win them by competing against other dice players which can be a lot of fun.

Tactics and martingale strategies

As mentioned above, dice is a pretty fast game. If you play without any strategie you can win fast or loose even faster. Thats why it's very important to keep a stable strategie to not bust everything within a few seconds.
We have listed a few strategies on our martingale site, which also includes a calculator where you can calculate the risk of your loss if you play with such strategies. Click here to get to the martingale page.

What is a faucet?

Some of those dice sites also have a faucet, where you can earn free coins to gamble with.
Often you just need to be active in the chat to receive giveaways, such as: chat rain, donations and much more.

Have fun playing dice!