Martingale Betting Calculator for Dice

Here you can calculate your chances for martingale betting at dice

2 TOP Sites for Martingale Betting

7-Day Streak
Bonus + Faucet
Play Dice

Margintale Script
Build within
Auto Script

Martingale Strategies are still risky, make sure you follow the steps below:

Your bet amount should be based on your current balance. This means that you should make sure you have enough bankroll to cover when there will be a loss-streak.

The optimal ratio of bet amount and bankroll should be 1BTC to 1 satoshi. You should be able to loose 30x without touching big numbers.

Make sure you look out for a dice site with a small house edge. This will give you a huge advantage in martingale betting.

If you are using a deposit bonus, make sure to look out for those terms and requirements before you use them.

Martingale betting strategies are still risky, there will always be a little chance to loose all your bankroll.

Use provably fair based sites to bet with a strategy. Read customer experiences, try to make sure the site you're playing on is 100% safe.

If you got any issue with a site we're listed, please let us know.

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