Bitcoin/BTC & Ethereum/ETH & Litecoin/LTC Mixer

Anonymize your coins by mixing them!

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Mixing does happen in realtime afer the chosen delay.

This Coin Anonymizer (Mixer) is presented by

Should your wallet be public or private? The choice is in your hands. It doesn't matter if BTC, ETH or LTC.

Privacy may not be the main concern of people that use digital currencies such as Bitcoin mainly because many of them are not aware that the blockchain is an open ledger that everyone can easily access.

However, with this awareness, more users are taking their privacy need seriously as they should.

People naturally want to take control of their personal data as we have seen with action taken against big corporations. We know that data, personal data is big business and access to it erodes privacy of individuals.

Mixing services such as provided by make it easy to Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin without the concern that your privacy may be compromised.

The coins that are sent to the designated wallet address are dissociated from the original wallet, making it impossible to trace their origin. In practice, it is as if the owner has received new coins.