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We list the best slot and virtual casino sites for cryptocurrencies!

Crypto Slot List of 2020 - Massive List

Bonuses and Promos

Casino sites for Bitcoin have various bonuses and promos which can be helpful for your start. We contacted every listed casino and made sure we can give you the best bonus and promos they offer.
At some slots you'll be able to get free bonus spins, games and much more variations. Know the game you're playing by reading the win sheet.
First time deposit bonus offer are pretty neat, but take care! Some of them contain unreachable withdrawal requirements, such as 50x wagering and more... Don't fall for that!

Bonus codes and coupons always have a wagering requirement, some more, some less. Make sure you learn about them before you deposit. You can find help about bonuses at their terms of conditions and you can always contact the live-support.

What kind of slots are available?

There are a lot of different slots out there. Some with more volatility, some with less. Make sure to know that so you can limit yourself.

Which cryptocurrency is the best for slots?

There is no specific crypto you need to use. They often accept a variety of different coins as a deposit and withdraw. Make sure to always send to the right address. Check that twice!

Tips and Tricks

Change the slot machine after you won big or change the game seed. Why? Because slots will not throw money away, they'll get it back from you sooner or later.
Do not hunt big jackpots. They are not worth it. There will only be a very little chance for you to win them, so dont waste all your money on trying to reach them.
Make sure you always play on a active slot machine. They pay better because more people play them. This is still no guaranteed win.

Responsible Gambling

It is very important to know your limits. You can loose a lot of money if you don't know them. If the fun stops, you should stop. Play for fun, not to make money.
Keep an eye on your bankroll. Only play with a certain % of your initial bankroll. This step is the most important of them all.
Only play with money you can afford to loose. Do not play with money you need and do not play because you want to earn money or to get lost money back.


We always keep this list daily updated as there are new sites coming out everyday. Stay tuned for more sites!

Submit a casino site or report a scam via email at:, we'll look into it then.

Have fun and as always: Keep humble and play safe.